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Cellarius is a collaborative science fiction storytelling project focused on a near-future mythology, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Our narrative begins in the near future and will expand through the galaxy in both space and time. Written works, art, and other media will explore the relationship between humans, sentient artificial superintelligence, and the full spectrum in between. In essence, the Cellarius Universe is a future-oriented mythology. It is also a collective storytelling project whose content and contours will be shaped by its community.

CX straddles the familiar cyberpunk themes of a dystopian and troubled future while maintaining a more optimistic outlook on humanity’s destiny and place in the cosmos.

Despite its flaws, the will of humankind to survive and explore is inextinguishable.


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White paper

Our inspirations and vision

Community guidelines

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Aesthetic notes and influences




Decoupled by Matias Lazaro

Homotranscendus by Gwen Singley

Home Away from Home by SpaceJunk

Cellarius, #28 by Sean Murray

VaRTEx Platform by Tanya Riarey

Splinter Merc by Brett Weldele

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February 16-18, Denver, CO

Cell Con Zero

March 8-11, Franklin, TN

Carnegie Mellon Spring Carnival

April 19-21, Pittsburgh, PA

Blockchain Disruptor Conference

April 28-29, New York, NY

Ethereal Summit

May 11-12, New York, NY

WisCon 42

May 25-28, Madison, WI

Allied Media Conference

June 14-17, Detroit, MI

San Diego Comic Con

July 19-22, San Diego, CA

EuroCon NEMO

July 19-22, Amiens, France


August 3-5, Chicago, IL


August 16-20, San Jose, CA

New Scientist Live

September 20-23, London, United Kingdom

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